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Looking for new ways to sell bold and audacious products or services? Or perhaps you're looking to disrupt your current sales process in order to build an even better one. Either way, The Bric Mindset is for you.

Featuring insights from leading C-suite executives around the world, The Bric Mindset provides a foundational structure to strengthen your B2B sales process in any industry. Learn what works (and what doesn't) directly from C-Suite Execs at Fortune 500 companies like T-Mobile, L'Oreal, and IKEA.

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Investor vs Buyer

When someone is an advocate or a raving fan, we consider them to be in the investor mindset; they are more than willing to invest in your product, service, or idea. Learn how to help guide individuals from a buyer mindset to an investor mindset by using a practical and pragmatic framework.

The BRIC bounce

The BRIC mindset is all about framing value as the differentiator in your sales approach. The BRIC Bounce is a tool we recommend to prioritize your next meeting with a CXO and make it particularly hard for them to walk away for superficial reasons.


Provocative selling wins deals. Use statements that are framed around an "if I give you this, then you'll give me that" value exchange to provoke someone into listening to your next audacious idea.

Investor Archetypes

Turn someone into a raving fan, or an investor of your personal brand by activating their rewards system. Every executive has a different motivational style that can be associated with a given personality type. By understanding these associations, we are able to connect with a CXO in a way that appeals to them.

Hostile FAQs

Managing hostility around the most frequently asked questions you're exposed to can be extremely difficult to navigate. Turn those hostile questions into opportunities to activate the investor's core reward system, instead.

CXO Mindset

Getting the attention, let alone the support, of c-suite executives can be tricky. They just don’t have a lot of time. Often, loyalty is earned by differentiated thinking that requires more context than can be superficially harvested right away.

Meet Our Founder


Professor of Entrepreneurship  

Adam is a serial entrepreneur and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship (sales, marketing, and digital product design) at the graduate level of Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business, School of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence program, and Human-Computer Interaction Institute (the first HCI grad program of record).

Prior to Adam’s focus on teaching at CMU, Adam was the Chief Product Officer at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) resulting from the acquisition of MAYA Design. He was also a Senior Vice President at the Nielsen Company post the acquisition of BuzzMetrics, with global leadership roles based in the US and Europe.



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