Problem Tree Analysis

Dive into this structured visual tool that uncovers the underlying causes of problems and aids in developing effective strategies. Follow the step-by-step process, engage your team, and explore innovative solutions together. Download the Problem Tree Analysis Worksheet and unleash your organization's potential for successful innovation outcomes.

Unravel the Roots of Your Challenges: Mastering Problem Tree Analysis


Uncover the Roots of Success: Master Problem Tree Analysis for Effective Corporate Innovation. Visualize and analyze the root causes of challenges with a problem tree analysis. Develop strategies, foster collaboration, and achieve successful innovation outcomes. Download our PDF worksheet to get started on your problem tree journey today!

A problem tree analysis is a visual tool used in corporate innovation to identify and analyze the root causes of a particular problem or challenge. It provides a systematic and structured approach to understanding the underlying factors contributing to the problem and helps in developing effective strategies for addressing it.

How to do a Problem Tree Analysis

Step 1

To create a problem tree analysis, start with a central objective that everyone agrees on, serving as the focal point of the diagram.

Step 2

List the desired outcomes that will result from achieving the objective. Each outcome can further branch out multiple times.

Step 3

Identify resources, solutions, or methods to address the core objective. These resources may also branch into additional options. This step helps determine the ways to meet the objective and the expected results.

Step 4

Share your ideas with the team and encourage their input. If you notice an outcome without a corresponding resource, consider how value is being created. The problem tree analysis template provides a balance and check for the central objective, allowing for exploration of new ideas and fostering collaboration within the team. Enjoy the process of building relationships and exploring innovative solutions together

What’s next?

Download the PDF worksheet to get started on the problem tree

Remember, a problem tree analysis is valuable for corporate innovation as it enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face. By identifying the root causes and visualizing the problem's complexity, it helps in developing effective strategies and fostering collaboration, ultimately leading to more successful innovation outcomes.

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