Extended 20-10-10 exercise

Reviewing your 20-10-10 to continue setting priorities and identifying areas of focus in one's life. The extended exercise uses four lenses to think critically about what you want to keep focussing on.

So… you have completed your original 20-10-10 exercise. Now what?

If you haven’t, complete the 20-10-10 exercise and come back here in 60-90 days!

Just like everything in life, your list will change. Maybe you have graduated or welcomed a new member to your family or your current way of life doesn’t suit you anymore. Whatever the case, the things you care about or the problems you want to work on have or will change. As you learn to ruthlessly prioritize and fiercely protect your time, remember — what grounds you is the discipline of the framework, the answers on the list will change and adapt.

We want to help you intentionally put energy on things you care about, so whenever you are ready to look at your list again — this could be in 30, 60 or 90 days after you originally completed the 20-10-10 exercise — think about these four filters:

  1. Keep -  “I still feel strongly/committed”
    Good stuff! You are still passionate and intrinsically motivated enough to want to work towards this every day. This will remain in your top priorities until next time.

  2. Question/ Wobbly - “Still in focus, not as strong”
    These are items on your list that you don’t feel as strongly as before but are still in focus. Make changes if needed!

  3. Delete/ Over It- “Moving on!”
    These are items that you are ready to move on from — instead of holding on you are creating space for new things to focus on and prioritize.

  4. Like/not love - “Novel but into the referral list”
    Things that are novel but don’t fit your life stage or way of living any more. Capture your affiliate code in case someone asks for a recommendation and always have a way to document things you care about and can help your network with.

As you continuously work on your personal development goals, update and change this template as needed. Find the complete set of templates below to get started today.

  • Miro template: Jump into Miro to brainstorm your updated 20-10-10 list and make changes with the templates provided
  • Spreadsheet template: If you prefer sheets, make a copy of this sheet and start documenting your items
  • Print file: Download the pdf if you prefer brainstorming and documenting offline!

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