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Engage stakeholders and gain support for your ideas by creating captivating cover story mockups. Visualize a future where your concept has become a reality, showcasing its potential impact and benefits. Download our free cover story mockup worksheet PDF and start crafting compelling narratives that inspire action and generate excitement.

Unleash the Power of Visualization with Cover Story Mockups


Create compelling visual prototypes that depict a successful future news story, showcasing the impact and benefits of your concept. Overcome skepticism and gain buy-in by immersing stakeholders in a narrative that paints a vivid picture of success. Download our free cover story mockup worksheet PDF now!

What is a cover story mockup? 

A cover story mockup is a visual representation or prototype that presents an idealized future news story showcasing the potential impact and benefits of a concept or idea. It serves as a compelling tool to generate excitement and garner support for the concept by envisioning a world where it has already been implemented successfully.

By developing a cover story mockup, you can effectively communicate the need or advantages of your concept by immersing stakeholders in a narrative that portrays the positive outcomes resulting from its implementation. Presenting your concept as a success story helps overcome initial skepticism and increases the likelihood of obtaining buy-in from others.

How to create a cover story mockup?

- Identify the concept you want to promote
- Assemble a team and some basic drawing materials
- Select a relevant magazine and draw the masthead
- Date the magazine as if it is a future issue
- Write a newsworthy headline and a subheading
- Draw an illustration for the cover artwork
- Write the first paragraph of the story
- Draw supporting illustrations for the inside spread
- Include callouts, quotes, and sidebar stories.

The goal of a cover story mockup is to answer the question, "What will this [concept] have done?" This involves considering the cultural impact of your idea and framing its success based on the ideal response and positive outcomes it would generate. By starting with a positive ending in the mockup, you can rally people around the development and implementation of your idea, creating enthusiasm and support for its realization.

What’s next?

Download our free cover story mockup worksheet PDF today!

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