Voting In Miro

The voting tool in Miro is a great way to get simple and instantaneous feedback from participants on what items, ideas, or projects are most important to focus on.

  • Once you click the voting button, you will be able to customize your vote
  • You can set the number of votes available, a time allowance, and any limitations on the amount of votes or things people can vote on
  • Voting is a way to help you get clear and direct communication from your team

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Voting is great tool to consider when working in your Strategic Design Kit. Miro allows users to easily vote on any project or template. We can use voting in Miro to narrow the field from all of the sticky notes created to the few we want to focus on. 

Here’s how you do it

    • Use the voting button to start the vote
    • Set the number of votes available
    • Set a time allowance for how long people have to participate
    • Choose if you want a limitation on amount of votes per person

    You can also have the ability to limit the number of things someone can vote for on the board. If you want people to only focus on sticky notes, you can!

    Once your vote is live, you can go ahead and choose to opt into the voting. This allows people to join you in the voting process without forcing them out of the work they are currently doing. Now, you will be able to hit the plus or minus sign to cast your vote or remove your vote. When the timer ends or your votes are all cast, you can end the session to view your results.

    Jump right into the Miro Template

    Final Thoughts
    Voting in Miro allows us in a really simple and instantaneous way to see what is most important to everyone participating. Try this out with your team on your next template and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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