Megan Guidi

If you ever have a chance to sit down with Megan Guidi, do it. Megan is an expert in all things design thinking, with some serious qualifications to prove it. She’s not just a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, she also runs her own consultancy called Open and has held a variety of senior strategist positions at top-tier companies. For over 10 years, Megan has served clients of all shapes and sizes as they ask new questions and create new offerings for their stakeholders and customers.

Studying Human Behavior

Guidi began her education at Allegheny College, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology. Megan then went on to attend Simmons University where she pursued her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. When asked to describe her Master’s Degree, Megan put it simply as “the study of human behavior and the environments that people are in.” Guidi set out to explore why people do the things they do and deepen her understanding of human behavior.

After she received her Master’s Degree from Simmons University, Megan began to work in ad agencies. She specialized in brand strategy and brand planning, where she learned to understand the different kinds of practices people use.

Design Thinking

    Megan has held senior strategist positions at a variety of companies throughout her career, including Quality Behavioral Solutions, Inc., Mullen, and most recently, Maya Design. At the heart of Megan's practice is her foundation in applied behavior analysis--a branch of psychology that seeks to observe, measure, predict and change human behavior. Megan's approach mixes the methodologies of this science with more traditional marketing research, human-centered design and plain, old creative problem-solving. A skilled facilitator, she has created and moderated numerous consumer and client workshops to uncover insights, build consensus and accelerate success. 

    She now leads her own agency, Open. Open is a design, research, and strategy consultancy that helps organizations answer new questions and solve hard problems. She heads up a multi-disciplinary team, allowing for challenges to be viewed through a number of different lenses. 

    In addition to running Open, Megan serves as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University focused on user-centered research where she teaches at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science. Guidi specializes in human-centered design and design thinking. Stay tuned to learn more about Megan!

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